DARK REIGN (Land of Sorrow)

Dark Reign (Land of Sorrow) is a RPG (Role Playing Game) that was made by serious Dark Reign fans. This game is in a futuristic setting mostly taken from the Dark Reign PC game its self. It is unlike any other Role Playing system. It focuses on realism NOT levels. It is a talk/type game. This means there are no dice thrown. For combat situations your abilities are based on what you do. Example when fighting; your height, your weight, your strength, and how skilled you are determine how often your moves will hit the opponant.. You can build skill but like in real life to do that you must practice long and hard. There is no EXP. Points they are just assumed. a 40 year old warrior with a lot of training is probably gonna whoop a 20 year old fist fighter as you can imagine. As it was said by one of the players "It is a game of the war of Good against Evil in a future setting.. where the darkest and brightest of all that Humanity has created will be brought to bear against each other, Worlds will be created and destroyed.. love gained and lost, it is a game of selfless heroes and dark villains, of fallen heroes and forgiven villains.. where the only thing that is certain is that it is only going to get worse before it gets better." Below are links that will take you to the information you need to get started on building a character for this game. Those who are already members check out the personnel file regularly.

Dark Reign is a trademark of Activision, Inc. 1997 Activision, Inc.

Dark Reign

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